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Friday, November 17, 2006

Weekend Plans

Thank goodness it's Friday. Was anyone like me and thought that it would never get here? I think Abbey and I have just been trying to catch up all week. Since the wedding was last weekend, we never really took a break. It's Friday now and we can do some fun stuff, and hopefully get a little sleep in the process.

This afternoon we are having supper with our dear friend Abbie. She is flying in from Arizona and will be in Nashville this evening. We're going to go to Opry Mills to eat supper with her. We might attempt another Christmas tree this weekend, but I am not sure if it will happen. It needs to, but I am just not sure!

Tomorrow morning, our small group along with a bunch of other people will put together Thanksgiving boxes for needy people in downtown Nashville. Then we will deliver them. We are doing this with On the Go Ministries. Our friend Jimmy Earle (in case you are wondering, Earle is his last name) works for On the Go Ministries.

Saturday night, we are really excited about going to our old Sunday School class party. It's going to be good to see people from our old church.

Church is Sunday morning. We have a Community Thanksgiving service on Sunday night and then we have a choir shindig. We'll be busy this weekend, but hopefully we can get some rest.
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