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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Making Ourselves at Home

It's always amazing to me how quickly Abbey and I can mess up a completely place. It's a talent that we both perfected before we got married and now is one of our greatest ... um ... strengths. Anyway, we arrived here at the IL's last night around 9:30.

On the agenda for today is going to D-burg to see Abbey's granny. Abbey's cousins Matt and Laura will be there, along with her Aunt and Uncle. We haven't had much opportunity to see them, in fact, we really haven't seen them much at all since we have been married.

I went ahead and took a picture of Ava and Brookie's room. Hopefully, we can do a comparison and see if they have the same ability to mess up a room quickly or not. It will be interesting to see, don't you think? Ava is going to get a head start on Brookie because he won't be here until Friday night. He, unfortunately, has to work on Friday. Boy, do I remember those days.

As I type here, I am getting into the Thanksgiving spirit. For instance, I am so thankful for the picasa program, because it is taking FOREVER for me to upload these pictures as I am using the IL's computer. I am also thankful that I am not at work today, and I am especially thankful that I don't have to work on Friday or Saturday. If you can't tell, I am just rambling, because I am waiting on the pictures to upload. I might have to download Picasa while I am here!

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