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Monday, November 27, 2006

70 Degrees?

Apparently God has figured out that he can help us with the adoption fund if he will keep it warm. Why's that? Because when it is 70 degrees outside, Abbey and I both have a hard time thinking, Starbucks. It is during this time of year with the festive red cups and ever-changing hot huggies that we crave Starbucks the most. However, with the weather being so warm, we have not had that temptation.

Things are going pretty smoothly in our adoption process so far. We have turned in our homestudy paperwork and our check, so now all we have to do is wait on the social worker.

Abbey and I had a great Thanksgiving. We had dinner with Abbey's aunt, uncle and cousins. There will be a picture of Brady and me soon!

If you have been checking the blog over the past few days and didn't see any updates, it is not because I have not tried. The IL's computer and blogger seem to disagree when it comes to uploading pictures.
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