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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Snow Day

It finally snowed in Tennessee! Abbey, as you might have guessed, was thrilled to have a snow day! I was at Writer's conference all last week in downtown Nashville, so I missed most of the snow. It did snow down there, but Abbey told me that the yard and the house were covered. I have attached a picture of the daughters of our Minister of Education and his wife (who loves the song "Christmas Shoes"). Until Abbey and I have one of our own, we like to steal Carah (left) and Cate (right)away and spoil them. If we can ever find the cord to the camera, we will be downloading some pictures the day C and C spent the night. It was a blast! They are sweet girls! Cate is finally starting to say our names. For a while, Abbey and I were both known as Dah. We are hoping that we will get a really good snow sometime this winter! I thought that when we moved to Tennessee we would be seeing a lot more snow. So far, this just hasn't been the case. I will also post a picture of my writing team from Writer's conference if the EIC remembers to send it to me!
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