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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Night With Carah and Cate

Our first stop on our night with Carah and Cate was the Rainforest Cafe at Opry Mills Mall. We had a great dinner, but the girls really enjoyed playing in the store beforehand. Carah really liked petting all of the animals and climbing on the rocks in the restaraunt.

Next we went to Build-a-Bear workshop where Carah and Cate busied themselves making new stuffed friends. Carah chose a purple bear with a light Cinderella outfit. She appropriately named her bear "Cinderella." Cate chose a very cuddly light brown bear which we named for her. Based off of my dream of one day becoming a grandparent, we named her bear "Papa Jeff." The girls did not want any help carrying their new best friends.

On our way out of the mall, we just had to stop at our favorite beverage shop. It was just after Christmas so Starbucks still had their peppermint mocha (mine) and peppermint hot chocolate (abbey's). While I stood in line, Abbey had the girls on some chairs not far away. Carah came to me with her beautiful eyes and innocent smile and said, "Misser Jaff, I want to hot cocoa." How could I deny the girl Starbucks? So, here it is world, Carah with her first Starbucks. She could be my own!

We finished off our evening by going to look at the Christmas lights at Opryland and for a ride in the boat. Carah was surprised that we could ride a boat inside a building. Cate was just happy to be on a boat. It was not the same as her Papa's (on the lake) boat though. All in all we had a great time. The girls were great, but that shouldn't surprise you! However, when it was bedtime, Carah wanted Abbey to read her a story and she did not want me to! That hurt my feelings, but her Dad tells me it is the same way with him.
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