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Monday, February 17, 2014

Reed's First Big Sleepover: 7th Birthday Party

 Reed had a great birthday! In his words "This is awesome." He loved having all of his friends at his house for a long visit. We were a little bit nervous about what it would be like to have nine little boys in addition to our own!

The boys were all so well-behaved. I truly did not expect for it to be such a calm evening. Everyone got along and they all used great manners. They even went to bed when I told them to. I hope that this wasn't just a trick to get us to let them do this more often and then they will act like total lunatics.

Although it was a sleepover, there was no way that Abbey was going to allow the party to be just a sleepover. It had to have a theme which was "Skylanders." Abbey planned games and activities and even had a color scheme.
The favorite activity was Skylanders' Bingo. They all really loved this game.

 The boys didn't eat nearly as much as Abbey planned for them to eat. In fact, we've been eating birthday leftovers for the past several days. We had pizza for supper and then we had waffles and breakfast casserole for breakfast.
 It's hard to believe that our first little guy is now a great big 7 year old!

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