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Monday, February 17, 2014

Dear Reed, You are 7!

 Dear Reed,

I remember it like it was yesterday. We got the call that you were our little boy and you had been born on February 16. We were so excited as we got that first picture of you. We didn't know anything about you at the time. All we knew was that we were staring at quite possibly the most beautiful face that we had ever seen. It was a sweet face with big almond shaped eyes and perfectly shaped lips. We loved you and nothing else mattered. It was like time stood still. We waited and waited for our chance to hold you in our arms, but from that first picture we were totally smitten.
As you have grown, you have constantly kept us on our toes. You are smart and you a funny. You have a great personality. Although you can act shy at times, those of us who know you, you love to see your personality shine. We love to hear you sing and we love to hear you pray. You are an encourager who has a great heart. You love people. You even love you little brothers, although you would prefer than no one actually realized that.
You are growing too quickly. I'm proud to watch the man you are becoming, but sometimes I just want time to stop and let you sit in my lap a little longer. I love when you call me daddy and I love when you ask if you can just cuddle a while. I would never trade a moment of memories that I have with you. Thank you for being my son.

Love, Daddy

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