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Monday, January 21, 2013

Visit To the Fire Station with Good News

A few weeks ago we were headed home from our Christmas trip to family. It was Sunday and we had just received word that a precious family we have been working with was chosen by a birth mom in Taiwan.

Abby and Austin first got to know us through our blog. It's not uncommon for people to find us when they google "Taiwan Adoption" so it came as no surprise one day when Abby left the comment. Asking if we would tell her more about adoption. We were happy to oblige. It was really neat for us because Abby and Austin live in our area.

Every time I think that the blog doesn't matter too much, I'm reminded of not only the memories that we collect on here but also the connections that we have made.

The Williams family is another family that we connected with through the blog. They now have three Taiwanese princes that we were blessed to help them connect as a family.

I texted Abby and told her that we had some paperwork that she needed to sign so that we could be ready in case the birth mother had any questions. I kind of lied and said that the birth mom was choosing between three families. In reality I knew that they were already chosen.

Austin was at work at the fire hall, and Abby was at church with her grandmother, but she said we could meet at the fire hall if we needed to. She offered to get some pictures to the baby room and things if I thought thAt would help. I felt a little guilty telling her that she should and the fact that she got them printed. In reality if I were sending pictures to Taiwan, I would just email them.

Austin was the best tour guide ever. The boys had a ball getting in the fire truck and seeing where Mr. Austin sleeps.

Finally, I told the boys to let me talk to Austin and Abby. I handed them a file folder with the paperwork. Abbey had actually taped 7 pictures of a beautiful baby boy inside.

Abby opened the folder and looked at me and said "Is this what I think it is?" I just said "yes." Crying ensued.

Abbey and I remember this moment so well when it happened for us. We weren't able to capture it on camera, but it only seemed right that we were able to give this gift of pictures to Abby and Austin. I'll never forget the moment we became parents.

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