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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Recent Happenings

Our sweet little Nash is quite the builder. We have had the the best time watching Nash love on baby Tuck. Nash doesn't ever just call him Tuck. It's always baby Tuck.

Abbey is an amazing mother. I know that is not new, but it is amazing. She gets the kids up and dressed and to school in time everyday. And she has kept the laundry up to date and the house is way cleaner than I would think with a family of four preschoolers.

Tuck is adjusting to life in the Land house really well. He has been sleeping pretty well. The first couple of nights he didn't sleep really well, but he has started sleeping much better.

Reed is still showing about as much interest in his baby siblings as he always has. Not much. I think that he is most interested in making sure that he and Nash are never separated. They love each other very much.

I am very proud of how Will has adjusted to being a big brother. He is doing much better than I thought he would do because he was quite the "mama's boy" prior to Tuck coming home. He now really likes being a big boy.

This week has been busy and it is now only Wednesday. I've been really busy at work. Abbey has gone back to work at the church and the boys are back into their routine. The early spring has really confused Reed who keeps asking if the neighborhood pool is open.

Abbey went to Walmart with Will and Tuck today. I told her that I didn't know if I should be proud of her or check her into a mental ward. I never want to take Will to Walmart. He is a wild man.

We are going to go to the zoo on Friday with some Taiwan adoptee friends. We are excited about that. The boys always love to go to the zoo.

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