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Friday, April 27, 2012

Our Sweet Kiddos

Little Tuck is so sweet. He is one of the most adorable little guys I've ever had the privilege of parenting. Well, make that one of the four most adorable little guys I've ever parented.

He is sleeping pretty well, but still wakes up in the middle of the night. Although he did sleep the entire night the other night. That was super welcome because Will also slept the entire night.

The other day, abbey and the boys went to pick strawberries with Michelle and Caleb, and Stephanie and Amber Joy

Reed and his buds didn't seem to be too interested in helping pick strawberries.

They were far more interested in running and jumping and playing.

Will, on the other hand, was very, very much interested in eating the strawberries. If you have ever met Will, you know that he doesn't miss many opportunities to eat.

Will loves his little brother. I think that he likes being a big brother. Tonight he tried feeding Will his apple sauce. However, it was really more of us trying to keep us from gagging him.

This weekend is Will's second birthday. We cannot believe that he has grown so much. Well, I guess I should clarify that the above picture is not Will

This would be Will. Almost always with food stained all over his face.
Sorry, I have been so bad at blogging lately. I'll try to do better.

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