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Monday, August 22, 2011

Our House and Plane Play with the Boys!

Tonight our fantastic babysitter, Kelsie came over to watch the boys for a couple of hours while Abbey and I cleaned the house.

Will's room was the first one to be complete.

Then the big boys room was finished and vacuumed.

Then the living room.

And the kitchen!

Our bedroom and the bonus room also got cleaned, but we didn't take pictures. We need to remember to do that.

We are thinking about giving the boys a room-makeover for Christmas. We are thinking about moving all of the boys to our family (bonus) room. It is the biggest room in our house. We found some bunk beds at IKEA, so we are thinking about getting two sets.

Sweet Will (who is, by the way, getting 8 teeth and has an ear infection!) would love to share a room with his big brothers, whom he adores!

We think that then we would make a family room out of the big boys room and turn Will's room into a dedicated guest room.

We are thinking sort of an antique car look for their room.

We are also considering doing a family closet. One of the best things about our house is our closet downstairs. It is huge. So big, we literally have a bookcase and a kitchen table in our closet. Has anyone out there ever done this? What are the benefits? What are the tough parts?

Tonight when I came home, Reed was cleaning the outside of the refrigerator. He said "Daddy, when I am done with the towel, I just throw it." I asked him why and he said "I'm a boy and that's what boys do."

I asked him about that and he said "Yeah, boys throw paper and girls pick it up." I explained to him that while we are not a women's lib home, we are an Equal Opportunity Housework House. That means, boys and girls BOTH do their fair share!

Yesterday, Nash and I had a long conversation about not running out from the van when we get out of the car.

He must have understood because every time we got out of the car for the rest of the day he said "Daddy, top, don wun in front of cars."

He brings a lot of laughs and smiles into our house! He's so sweet and compassionate.

Will is walking really well and he is starting to say words. He says "Dada, Mama, Lola, diaper, and bye bye" well. He also blows one amazing kiss!

And he LOVES talking on the phone!

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