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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

10th Anniversary and Boys First Day of Preschool

So sorry that I have left you guys in a lurch and wondering just what in the world was happening in around LandLife. I know that it has been two weeks since I last posted.

Last Sunday, we headed to Memphis and dropped Will off with Lola and Pop. Then on Monday, we dropped Reed and Nash off at Enna and Poppy's. We quickly left and headed to the beach.

Abbey and I celebrated our 10th anniversary last week. I can't believe that it has been 10 years since we said "I do!"

We stayed at the Henderson Park Inn Bed and Breakfast in Destin, FL. It was absolutely beautiful. The beach was right outside the back door. It was so nice.

We loved having a few days of rest and relaxation. While we were there and while we traveled we read "The Help" and "The Hunger Games." We are now almost finished with the second book of the hunger games series. Both "The Help" and games are EXCELLENT books! I highly recommend that you read them.

While we were there, we ate at Louisiana Lagniappe. It was so good! I also recommend you eat there if you are ever at the beach.

Yesterday morning was the boys first day of Preschool. For Reed, he was going back for his second year, for Nash it was his very first day. Nash is so blessed to have Reed's teacher from last year. We love Mrs. Candie.

Nash and Reed were SOOOO excited to go to school. I can't believe that next year we will be dropping Reed off for his first day of Kindergarten.

When Abbey picked the boys up from Preschool, she said that the boys didn't want to go home. I think that is a good sign.

Today when Abbey dropped them off for school she said that they would hardly even tell her bye!

Tomorrow should be interesting because Reed goes to preschool, but Nash doesn't. Nash only goes two days and Reed goes three days.

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