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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I didn't forget you!

I didn't forget to blog, but it has been a very busy few days. Abbey and Reed went to Memphis this weekend, so I was home for a few days.

Abbey got Reed this water toy that is a beach ball with sprinklers on it.

Reed loved the fact that it was a ball, the fact that it shot water out—not so much.

He did enjoy playing the water though.

The big news for tonight is about the weather. It was horrible.

After church, we were waiting on parents to come and pick up there kids (in case you don't work with kids regularly, I have found that parents tend to forget they have children when they are at church.). Anyway, while we were there, the tornado sirens started sounding.

By the time that we left, some time later, there were several fire trucks and firemen all around and in our church. Reed was quite impressed by the firemen walking through our church looking for the mechanical room that had sent a signal.

We finally arrived home and are still hearing the rain and thunder outside. Sleep might be nice tonight!
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