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Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday, thou hast come!

At LandLife, we were a little hesitant to believe that Friday would ever come!

This week has been so busy and we have not accomplished nearly as much around the house as we would have liked.

Thankfully, though, Abbey was able to complete a writing assignment.

Reed has been a great sport, hanging out with different friends each day. We really do have the best friends.

Tonight, we went to Babies R Us to look for a new baby bed since the old one was recalled (Jardine).

But, we didn't find anything that tickled our fancy, so we decided to pass on the selection and keep looking for "the one" that our little girl will sleep in. Hopefully, for longer than Reed slept in his!

We came over and headed over to Danny and Megan's because I wanted to borrow their shark steam cleaner.

It was amazing at cleaning some spots off our hardwoods and it worked wonders on the ceramic tile in our bathroom.

Reed was exhausted tonight, so I was barely able to get him in bed and pray with him before he dismissed me!

Enjoy the following videos by clicking on them:

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