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Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall Ball 2014

 It's something that we said that we would never do, but alas, we did sign Reed up for Fall Travel Ball this year. And guess what? He LOVED it. It was totally his prerogative and he really loved his team.
 We had a great team of seven kids and 3 of the kids are in my Sunday School class this year. I loved watching Reed improve under the direction of Coach Terry. He has been a great influence on Reed.
 The little brothers also loved getting to go to all of the games. Well, maybe love is a little bit too strong of a word. They, at least, tolerated going to the games.
 All four of Reed's grandparents were able to make it to at least one of the games. Of course having grandparents at your game is much better than parents being there.
 Reed got several goals and he really worked hard on his footwork.
 Sometimes, Mr. Brian gives Reed tutorials when he is keeping the boys.
 Soccer season is over, so now we are going to have random practices to keep the boys in shape, but we will start back again in the Spring.

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