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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Party Like an Animal (Zoo Party for 4!)

Since Reed's birthday is in February, Nash's is in March, and Will's is n February it made great sense for us to do a combined birthday party. Tuck's birthday party is October so it was his half-birthday party.

Abbey planned a fantastic zoo party at the Nashville zoo. She scoured the Internet for super cute cupcake ideas so we had five animals represented.

The Nashville zoo has an incredible play area and the weather was beautiful Saturday evening for the party. It was a wonderful time and we were so happy that about 100 of our friends came out to help us celebrate.

My parents and Abbey's parents and sister came into town for the big party. On Saturday, my dad and I grilled 160 hot dogs. Abbey and Michelle worked hard on Friday decorating cupcakes.

Mr. Dan the fantastic face-painter came out for some animal printed paintings.

The party was not nearly as stressful as our other parties have been. Even though Abbey is always a great planner, her parties are usually stressful because of all the decorations. This one didn't have any decorations and I was so thankful.

Nash was thrilled to have some of his favorite buddies there with him.

Reed was also excited to have some of his buddies at his party.

Will was, of course, his typical funny self.

Christopher always makes me laugh with his funny faces.

In the end we sang happy birthday to each boy individually and I think that everyone had a blast. It was our favorite birthday party yet!
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