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Monday, February 18, 2013

Annual Valentine's Breakfast

On Valentine's night, we hosted our annual Valentine's breakfast. It was fun as usual.

Our guests for the evening in no particular order were the Parks (new for 2013), the Davidsons, Uncle Bill, and Miss Candace.

We had lots of good food. On the menu: Uncle Bill's Famous Cheese Grits, Jay Sensitive Breakfast Casserole, Michelle's knock your socks off cinnamon rolls, Carah's Berry Fruit Mixture, Abbey's super strawberry cupcakes, Miss Candace's drive thru chicken minis, pancakes, and 3 pounds of bacon.

Danny and Bill practiced their glamor shots.

We were glad that Jay wasn't on call so they could spend time with us. Our boys love their boys.

Abbey made super yummy strawberry cupcakes.

Meghan perfected the bend and snap (a Facebook favorite amongst the girls at our church).

Christopher and Nash together are like gasoline and kerosine. They can ally cause a raucous. He is a super sweet kid. He always gives me a hug and he always sneaks into our van after church.

Kaleb and Will are great friends. They are the opposite of Christopher and Nash.

Well ... Almost.

Best buddies.

Michelle practiced her bend and snap.

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