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Sunday, March 20, 2011

DINO-mite! Part 1

Nash's third birthday party and we assume first ever birthday party was a roaring success.

My amazing party-planning wife extraordinaire handled every detail and had a fantastically festive decoration scheme.

The dinosaur cave was complete with sidewalk chalk for making hieroglyphics.

Enna had collected TONS of dinosaur items including placemats, figures, and other items.

Nash was excited to see so many dinos.

Did I mention that Abbey covered EVERY detail?

Ms. Candace helped Abbey get the decorations ready. She strung the pennants for this awesome Nash banner.

Our house looked festive, just need some grass to grow in the bare spots.

Reed enjoyed the Dinosaur cave.

Nash enjoyed running around sans pants before his guests arrived.

Reed happily waited for his friends to arrive at the party as well.

This is my new favorite picture of Nash. It captures all of the excitement of the day.

Lola and Pop were happy to see the birthday boy and the other boys.

The dinosaur eggs were nestled in a real life edible nest.

Cheetos made yummy dinosaur bones.

Tortilla chips were delicious dinosaur spikes.

Fruity pebble dinosaur treats

Dinosaur Dung

And Dinosaur Treats for the party favors.

More coming tomorrow!
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