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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Introducing: Our First Nephew!

Next Tuesday, my sister-in-law (Abbey's sister) was scheduled to have our first nephew.

On Tuesday, I awoke to the sound of a text coming into my phone from Lola telling me that that they were headed to the hospital to be with Ava. Baby Brooks decided that he was coming on his own timing!

I'm not sure what time he was born and honestly, right now I can't remember how much he weighed, but it was something like 6 pounds and 9 ounces I think.

Abbey had always planned to be there for Brooks' entry into the world, however, this threw a kink into our plans.

I had planned to take next Tuesday off so that Abbey could be in Mississippi.

So, at 4:00 yesterday morning, we quickly decided that Abbey should go to Mississippi. She got up, jumped in the shower, and headed south. Thankfully, I had filled my Jeep with gas Monday night. Abbey's van was on empty and needs the oil changed so we decided to her to take my Jeep.

Abbey didn't make it in time for Brooks' debut, but she was there pretty quickly afterwards.

I'm glad that Abbey got to be there to see our first nephew!

Will Will, Nashy, Reedy, and I got to spend the day together. Michelle came over and kept the boys for me for a little while so I could go to the grocery. Tomorrow we are having a kickoff party for the new curriculum my team has been working on.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Beach Vacation: Day 7

Uncle Bill continued his "Pancake Initial" tradition this morning.

Reed was so impressed.

As was Nash who excitedly said Uncle Bill had made an "8."

Abbey got a breakfast face.

Was Nash not completely adorable in this swim outfit? The sad thing is that this is a 12 month swimsuit. We've got to put some meat on his bones.

Someone left the shovel at our "camp site" so Nash had a good time.

Happy Will was excited to be at the beach again today.

Is this kid adorable or what?

Abbey read the three books she brought with her and one that was here at the beach house. She didn't have anything to read today.

The weather today was perfect. It was wonderful. The wind and the waves were huge!

Tonight, we took our family pictures at the beach!

Can you believe how much our family picture has changed? God has blessed us tremendously.




I had to bribe the boys with candy. For the most part, it went pretty well.

It has been a great week, but the boys were starting to wear a little thin this afternoon.

My boys are never going to remember me when I don't have gray hair!

This is one of my favorites.

Sweet Nashy.

My boys.

I'm the only one not LOOKING at the camera!

Uncle Bill with his namesake.

This is the third time we have been to the beach with Uncle Bill.

Reed loves Uncle Bill.

Abbey and I got a few shots together.

Will was so on the verge of a meltdown. The very fact that we got a smile is amazing.

I think our boys look great in white. I don't think that white is the best idea for preschoolers!

Sweet brothers.

Reed's meltdown.

Just imagine those people not being in our picture!

Will crashes.

We are on the road tomorrow! Hopefully, we will have an uneventful trip home.