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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Walt Disney World: Fun for Everyone

Uncle Bill poked the "3-Dness" out of Reed's 3-D glasses from Toy story and Reed enjoyed wearing them around.

Reed thought that it was fun to ride the "Manyarail" from the Tram to the Magic Kingdom.

He was quite taken by all of the sites. It was a lot of fun to see him. I told Abbey at one point that it seems like 3 Years Old is much harder than 2 Years Old, but it is so much more fun. Reed just was amazed by every single thing.

The Monster's Inc. show was really great.

I think that the Buzz Lightyear ride was one of my favorites. I was not really even into video games growing up, but this brought it to a whole new level.

Reed absolutely LOVED the race cars although they were 10,000 degrees because there was little shade and the heat from the motors of the cars.

Reed was super excited to get to meet Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse was really nice to Reed.

This is Reed on his first roller coaster, the Barnstormer. On the flagpole there was a pair of pants. Reed asked whose pants they were and Abbey told him that they were Goofy's. Remember this, because it has relevance later in the post.

Another classic Magic Kingdom ride is the Dumbo ride, however, it was too hot!

Unfortunately, Ms. Candace got a virus and wasn't able to go to the park with us that morning. We left the park to go eat supper at Olive Garden and pick Candace up for the parade. Reed was asleep before we were out of the parking lot. He slept through supper.

It was so fun going back that night because it rained while we were out, so the crowd was smaller and the air was much cooler.

Reed really enjoyed the "It's a Small World" ride. That one in particular was really trying for me. It can be a bit annoying.

Animal Kingdom was great. Flik was one of Reed's favorites.

Reed enjoyed the Kilaminjaro River Rapids were a blast. We got soaked, and rode first thing in the morning. Poor planning on our part.

"A Bug's Life is Tough" was wonderful except it was way too scary for Reed.

Reed was thrilled to meet Goofy and Pluto. Pluto is blushing because Reed told him that he was his favorite. Reed loves Pluto and told us that a thousand times. After we left Goofy and Pluto, Reed said, "I forgot to tell Goofy where his pants are." (see Goofy convo from above) Reed and I had to run back to Goofy where he proceeded to scream to Goofy to get his attention. Finally I told them photographer guy to tell Goofy for us.

Stitch was really friendly.

Uncle Bill and Reed were really silly!

Reed saw Donald and asked him where Daisy was. Donald told Reed that Daisy was off spending money!

Of course, the stars of Disney, Minnie and Mickey were available for a photoshoot.

We had a wonderful time!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Downtown Disney and Toy Story 3

1. No time for a full blog today.
2. Yesterday, went to Downtown Disney. Reed wasn't overly impressed.
3. Went to see Toy Story 3 yesterday. The four adults all cried, although Abbey says she held it in. It was wonderful! Tons of application points for teaching and training.
4. Reed did NOT like Toy Story 3. I think that it might should have been rated a little higher, because it was a little violent in my opinion.
5. Went to Giordano's Pizza for lunch. Abbey was thrilled.
6. Got lost last night for an 1 hour and 45 minutes because we forgot the charger to the garmin and its battery died. We did have a blackberry and iPhone in the car with us, but they were no help for quite a while.
7. Headed to Magic Kingdom. Reed is thrilled.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Walt Disney World on the Cheap

We had a couple of Southwest Rapid Rewards ticket that were expiring soon and Uncle Bill was in need of a trip. He said that he would pay for Reed's way to Disney if we would pay our way. So, we decided to use two FF tix and come to Disney.

Reed loved riding in the Limo that takes us from the parking place we use to the airport. Ironically, it's cheaper than parking at the airport and much more convenient.

When we were researching ways to go to Disney cheap, we found this place to go to a Timeshare thing where you get your tix to Disney free and REALLY cheap condo rental. Really cheap!

So, Abbey and I are headed out in a few minutes to endure a 90 minute presentation about Timeshares, even though we would never consider purchasing. Since we had extra space in the condo we rented, we invited Ms Candace to come along with us as well.

Uncle Bill and Candace are going to hang out with reed while we suffer for our tickets.

Reed is SO EXCITED! We have never seen him so excited. He has loved everything about the trip so far and we haven't even seen Mickey Mouse. He was thrilled to ride in the limo, then he loved getting to play at the airport.

He even talked Uncle Bill into buying him a bag of Cheetos. I don't know that he is going to be able to talk Uncle Bill into getting on the teacups.

He was so funny on the airplane. Even though he has flown before, this is the first time that he remembers flying.

As we were backing away from the gate he was looking out the window at the man holding the lights to guide the plane. The man waved to Reed. Reed waved back and from then on, Reed was VERY worried about the man. He didn't know how the man was going to get into the plane.

Of course, Mommy was glad that Ms. Candace bought a new Karen Kingsbury book this week so she could read it.

As we were landing, Reed's ears stopped up and he was literally yelling "Why I can't hear myself?" It was so funny. That was only one of the nearly 1000 questions he asked while we were on the plane.

Reed loves his Uncle Bill. So, he also calls the place we're staying "Uncle Bill's Disney House" and we are riding in "Uncle Bill's Disney Car" which thankfully turned out to be a Chrysler Town and Country, even though he really reserved a Kia Rio (economy! car)!

He is so happy about going to see Mickey Mouse. This afternoon, we are going to Downtown Disney, because we didn't want to waste a ticket on only a half-day. We plan to go see Toy Story 3 today.

Until tomorrow ...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's Hot in Tennessee!

So, the other night, Reed was talking and playing in his bed when all of a sudden he got really quiet. I checked on him before we headed to bed, but he wasn't in his bed. That's a little freaky if it's never happened to you.

Thankfully, though, he had made himself a pallet on the other side of his bed and went to sleep. He was so cute, but I was scared that he would wake up and be scared if he was down there, so I moved him to his bed.

Our little outdoorsman has been spending a little more time inside over the past couple of days as temperatures here in middle Tennessee have reached nearly 100 degrees. Even our neighborhood pool is hot. I was putting new signs out by the pool the other day and was completely drenched by the time I finished in just under 15 minutes.

Tomorrow is yard mowing day, so that's going to be tough. I'll definitely have to wait until early evening before mowing. We've been taking Reed out after the sun starts going down to play, but tonight, when Tamara and Britton walked by she told us that it was still 91 degrees at almost 8:00 PM!

Reed has also decided that this week naps are overrated. So, that does not help his stir-craziness.

But, he is still one of the most adorable kids in the world.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Every year, for Father's Day, I only want one thing. On my first father's day, Abbey made a canvas for me using Reed's hand and footprints. I love it and have loved since the day I got it. Last year, I got another canvas and I was afraid that I might not get one this year. But, of course, Abbey had a plan.

Reed chose the colors this year. He chose a purply color and lime green.

He was very careful to cover the canvas front as fully as possible.

He told me this morning that the paint made him ticklish.

He really got into the painting with his full body. Of course, besides the fact that he had a little paint on his elbow when I got home, he was so excited to tell me that he had made a surprise for me.

He used the paintbrush for the lime green to add more detail.

I think that he had fun with the project.

Lots of fun!

Last night we went to Danny and Michelle's for dinner. It's been so long since we have been over to their house, so it was so nice to get to see them all again. I can't believe how big their kids have gotten.

WE had a delicious meal. Reed was really shy for most of the time and then all of a sudden he started talking to Caleb. Then he was not ready to go home anymore.

Carah showed the little kids pictures of her and Cate with Abbey and me a long time ago when they were little bitty. Before we had kids, Carah and Cate were like our little girls.

My Father's Day has been wonderful, other than the fact that Reed absolutely would not take a nap today. It was still a great day! We had a blast and I got the canvas that I treasure each year.